Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winning the Farm

Zane and I are walking through a very busy warehouse type of place with machinery and gears moving and people hurrying everywhere. We know we're in a hurry. We stand before 3 elevators and are told to pick one. We go with elevator #1 (yes, this was a dream right after watching "Let's Make a Deal.") As we get in, we feel like we've made the "right" decision. The doors open and there stands a dark haired Michael Caine. He is there to award us our prize (kinda Willy-Wonka-esque) and starts to walk and bids us to follow. Zane and I are SO excited but trying to be cool.

We're outside and walking along dirt paths. Zane and Mr. Caine walk ahead as I get distracted by a group of gypsys. One was giving me a hard time about winning the BIG contest so I offered to give him my lucky socks. I took them off and gave them to him - then I have him one shoe because I noticed he had a prosthetic foot (????) Then I decided I wanted the shoe back and they got mad at me. I hurried and grabbed my shoe, then noticed that they had my mountain bike! (Zane saved up and bought me this a couple years ago.) "And I'm taking the bike too!" The lead gypsy looked at me and said coldly, "The bike stays." I just stare back at him, get on the bike and take off.

I rode through bright yellow fields of wheat toward a barn on the blue horizon. I guess I had been talking to the gypsys too long because Mr. Caine and Zane were out looking for me in a dune buggy. I met them at the barn where Mr. Caine was finally able to explain our prize. He looked out over the fields of golden plumes and said, "All of this is yours! I have no one else to give it to..." I started thinking about all the work that would go in to tending the farm, and how far we were from friends and family. I got MAD. "You call this a prize??? This is a prison!! You just want someone to work your farm! This is LAME!" I stomp to the other side of the barn and a beautiful black horse comes galloping towards me. I get excited thinking this is going to be a new friend - No - the horse doesn't stop and butts me in to the air, and then kicks me around a few times. I'm on the ground looking up at him as he rears up to crush me one final time and he turns into a bald eagle - letting out a HUGE shriek...

Then my cell phone wakes me up. I answer Zane's call with: "I was going to name her Black Beauty!" Zane says that wasn't very original...

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